Wellington and York Partners: Vlogging Services for Travel Vloggers

Vlogs can be used as an effective way to build a following, sell products or services, promote your WordPress website, and generate leads. A lot of popular vloggers have made their fame and fortune using this medium.

A lot of people nowadays may have been considering to try vlogging. It may just start as a hobby at first. However, a lot of people currently build their personal brands with the help of the vlogs they watch.

Through vlogging, many people try to showcase their European tour or travel to Asian countries like Taiwan or Japan. Although this medium has become more a great option for all ages, it was initially seen as a pastime for the younger generation.

The age brackets, particularly millennials, choose to watch vlogs or listen to podcasts over blogging. This is because millennials are often on the move compared to the generations before them. They have lesser time for reading and their mobile devices have become their lifelines.

What is vlogging?

The term Vlogging came from the combination of words ‘video’ and ‘logging’. It is different from blogging since vlogging requires the content creator to shoot and record a video. This can be used as a personal video journal, as well as a great marketing strategy.

Vlogging became a trend versus written blog posts. When it comes to blogging, a personal web log is used to post a journal-like entry about the day. The term ‘blog’ came from “web log.” Like the innovations brought by blogs on the Internet that started a few years ago, many entrepreneurs have seen the marketing potential in having a vlog.

Any vlog can be based on a certain topic. The content creator or vlogger can make their vlog an ideal medium for businesses, as well as individuals. Vloggers must pick a niche to start with and shoot a video they will feature in their channel.

Getting started on a vlog

Vlogging requires producing and publishing frequent video content and a majority of it happens on YouTube. This video-sharing platform has over 1 billion active users each month. It is also considered as the second largest search engine after Google.

YouTube enables individuals to create their own channels and make some playlists of their uploaded videos. The platform also lets them stream live videos, as well as host a live chat with their audience. Other vlogging services can be posted on Vimeo, Facebook Live, and Instagram.

People who are new to vlogging may experience difficulty in gaining a following. Even the old-timers may have a hard time producing interesting videos that can attract their audience. It may seem easy but dedication, passion, and creativity are needed to create a nice vlog.

Vlogging can be used for both personal and business goals. This medium has shown great marketing potential, especially for brands and businesses. Vlogging has also become increasingly popular due to its cost-effectiveness which drives visibility and gives an improved online engagement with customers.

Wellington and York Partners: Promotion Ideas For Your YouTube Channel

Nowadays, YouTube is not just used for entertainment purposes. This popular site is a free video platform. A lot of companies and businesses use it for their marketing strategies and promotions. This most viewed video service can greatly help in marketing anything with the help of videos.

Vloggers use their channel as an opportunity to get deals from different companies and businesses. Many options are available when it comes to marketing via vlogging. There are also few methods that can be used to promote a Vlog Channel even without using the internet. Due to its popularity, YouTube can easily rank for high competitive keywords.

Many content creators and vloggers use events for promotions and networking events to meet other people. It is a good way to promote the channel and connect with other vloggers as well. Making vlogs and doing some social media strategy can be used as a branding tool.

Vloggers try to ways to monetize their videos. Those who were able to get a huge following have a bigger chance to get noticed by brands. However, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has warned the vloggers when it comes to featuring advertisements and promotions for their channel.

According to ASA, they need to make it clear when they are getting paid to promote products. Vloggers who have huge followings must be clear and upfront with their audience when they start endorsing stuff on behalf of a brand.

Endorsing your channel

In 2013, YouTube has created a self-funded program called YouTube Fan Finder. This program helps the vloggers to promote their channel for free. Events can also be used for marketing and promotions. Some people tend to hand out their business cards when going to certain events. It is a good way to broaden the connection. It is also an opportunity to get acquainted with people that can help in promoting a brand, company, or even the channel.

Meeting new people and exchanging business cards are great ways to potentially build relationships. Currently, content creators and vloggers do high-budget production and video logging (where vlogging got its name) to do a promotion and present it to their followers.

Dropping a comment on other videos similar to your channel is also a great way to let other people know you are out there. For example, if you have a travel blog about a trip to Taiwan or any country, you can leave feedback or a simple message to encourage viewers to check out your content. Once this strategy works, the viewers can check out the profile and watch the video featured on the channel.

There are a lot of methods that can be used, alongside other social media platform to promote YouTube videos. Creativity can surely help but video bloggers must take note that there are some strategies don’t work for everyone. It is good to try out and test various methods to help in deciding what brings the best marketing results for promoting the channel.

Wellington and York Partners: Featuring Products on Travel Vlogs

Whether for products promotion or just for personal use, few methods are being used due to its marketing potential. Blogging and vlogging (known as video blogging) are two different methods often used many internet influencers and content makers. These are both effective strategies for people who want to have more visitors and engagement to their websites.

Many entrepreneurs have seen the competency in having a blog. Not only can it be used for marketing, but it can also be a business itself. To create blogs and vlogs, it is important to create entertaining and interesting content. Many bloggers and vloggers have made it as their career. Nowadays, even business owners use blogs and vlogs to attract more customers, as well as promote their products to reach a bigger audience.

Benefits of Vlogging

If you’re new to vlogging, you may be wondering if it is for you or not. Some people may get overwhelmed with what theme and topics the vlog will be about since there’s so many to tackle.

Making a vlog may just start as a hobby. A lot of social media users tend to create a vlog about the food they eat and other stuff they may want to share with their friends and followers. You may have noticed that a lot of people who recently went to Taipei, Japan, and other countries used vlogs to show the places they have traveled to.

Vlogging may also be a career, especially if you have a passion for it. Creating content for the vlog requires creativity, energy, confidence, and most importantly patience. The vlogs you have posted on your YouTube account doesn’t guarantee to give a monetary value. A vlogging career may also not guarantee that you become an internet sensation.

The difference

When it comes to blogging, it requires to have a personal site where articles or journal entries are featured or posted. A blog is different from a website. Web users may create a traditional website of their own and set the blog apart. However, many businesses use both strategies and integrate them into a single web presence.

In terms of vlogging, the content creator must use video as a medium; while in blogging, a few pictures and good writing are essential. If you’re not good at composing an article or if the readability of your content is poor, it may affect your blog.

Vlogging may seem easy compared to blogging. As straight-forward as its name, video blogging requires you to have a camera. You may set-up a high-definition camera to ensure that you’ll get a great video quality for the viewers. You may also use your smartphone and broadcast your content using popular social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, as well as Twitter.

Wellington and York Partners: Chocolate Products from Switzerland: A Haven for Choco Lovers

Chocolate is a popular dessert that many people love. Some of the world’s popular companies that offer sweet snacks originated in Switzerland.


For chocolate lovers, Switzerland should be included in their bucket list. There are different countries in the world that offers their very own chocolate products. However, chocolatiers in Switzerland offers their version of the remarkable and delightful treat.


Tourists who would like to go on a trip to Zurich can enjoy the chocolate products being offered by a lot of chocolatiers. On the average, a Swiss person consumes 10.6 kilograms of chocolate per year. The country is also known to export a huge amount of chocolate. They export 130,000 tons of their sweet treasure.

Beginning of Swiss Chocolates

When the Swiss entered the chocolate scene, the options for chocolate grew bigger and did not only end in just a hot beverage.


Francois-Louis Cailler created the first ever chocolate bar in 1819. In 1836, Rudolf Sprüngli bought a confectioner’s shop in Zurich and started producing chocolates as David Sprüngli & Fils. In 1879, Rudolf Lindt opened his chocolate factory and the person who created a mixer called conche. The conche is used as one of the key tools in chocolate making even up to this day. Lindt & Sprüngli merged their companies and became the largest chocolate producer in the city.


However, before Lindt & Sprüngli became the major chocolate producer in the city, there was someone who found a way to make the confection more delectable. Daniel Peter, the son-in-law of Francois-Louis Cailler, came up with the idea of adding milk to chocolate. He was the first to add powdered milk to solid chocolate. It was his way to reduce the cost of creating the confection, as well as to make it more palatable. Peter’s neighbor, Henri Nestlé, specialized in condensed milk. With Peter’s idea and Nestlé’s specialty, they developed the milk chocolate.


Sweet Swiss

Chocolate has been a national treasure not only to all sweet-toothed people in Switzerland, and all over the world. Popular brands such as Nestlé, Suchard, Cailler, Frey, and Lindt & Sprüngli. These Swiss chocolate brands were able to invade the department of confectionaries in supermarkets, including other candy shops. These brands have also fulfilled the dream of every chocoholic.


The Swiss are recognized as one of the excellent confectioners in the world. Foreigners who are planning to go to Zurich must not be surprised to find chocolate-flavored desserts in every stop and corners. Delicious cakes and chocolate products are not too far from each other.


Swiss chocolate is famous across the world. Their history of chocolate is as rich as the chocolate products they have created. Switzerland is one of the best places to eat chocolate. Real chocolate lovers dream of going to this chocolate haven.

Wellington and York Partners: Availing Travel Services

Switzerland may not be the usual place included on a travel bucket list. Would-be tourists from other nations think they will never be able to afford a Swiss trip. There are also people who even think that they might blow a huge amount of their savings or spend a crazy amount of debts just to afford a vacation to the country.

Travel cost

Seeking the services of a trusted travel agency may help you get an actual estimate for the Swiss trip. Some travel agencies can even give a promotion or discounted rate when you avail their services. Taking advantage of the airline ticket sales can also help in saving some money. The amount that can be saved from these options may be used as a travel fund.

The residents of another country must obtain a visa to enter Switzerland. However, the citizens of the States which are part of the Schengen area, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, North America, Singapore, and Japan do not require a visa. The countries in the European Union (EU), as well as the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), are also exempted to the visa requirement. Travelers have a 90-day limit to stay in the country.

Some foreigners may have hesitations when it comes to taking a trip to Switzerland. The high prices can be very overwhelming for many travelers. The prices on the local products are expensive compared to other nations.

Carspring conducted a review on the cost of the country’s taxi transportation through a survey. The taxis in Zurich are the most expensive in the world. It is at an average of 5.19 US dollars per kilometer. For vacationers, riding a taxi may not be the best money-saving option to go around Zurich and other tourist spots.

Swiss trip

Some tourists include Switzerland to their list of ideal places to travel. It may not be as grand as Paris or historical as Japan. However, the country boast many astonishing places that many travelers would enjoy visiting.

Traveling is one of the best type of leisure in the world. Not only do people get to see a lot of sights and sceneries, they also have a chance to meet and mingle with a lot of people. Even though Switzerland may not be as popular as Spain, it still has many picturesque sceneries and marvelous tourist spots that are worth visiting.

Going around

For travelers who are about to embark on a journey to Switzerland, investing in a Swiss travel pass makes it easy to get around the place. The country has an impeccable transit system including trains, boats, and cable cars. Traveling between cities will be less of a hassle using the Swiss travel pass.

Wellington and York Partners: Using Travel Promotions for Traveling to Zurich, Switzerland

Travel promotions can be a blessing in disguise. It can help travelers save money when you are going on a trip somewhere. It may include accommodation and restaurant discounts, as well as a way to give exclusive access to tourist spots.


Switzerland may not be the top country chosen by most travelers. Most people love to go to France, New York, or Spain. It is less likely that travelers go to Zurich unless they have a sweet tooth. The country isn’t only known for their remarkable yet expensive watches. Tourists can also enjoy the food products like cheese and chocolates. It is a great place for adventurers and hikers because of the famous mountain range called the Swiss Alps.


Zurich is also one of the famous places in Switzerland. According to surveys, it has the highest quality of life compared to other places in the world. Travelers can enjoy a lot of incredible accommodations, as well as outstanding cuisine. There are a lot of restaurant services you can find in the city. After a gastronomic adventure, an ideal way to do is enjoy a great shopping experience in various shops. You can even see celebrities strolling around the place.


The sweet in Switzerland

Switzerland is a haven for lovers of confections because of their rich history of chocolate making which is traced back to the 17th century. Chocolate making can be considered an art and a lucrative industry in the country. Milk chocolate is one of the best-known products.


You can find a great-tasting Swiss chocolate in local shops. A lot of supermarkets around the world showcase a lot of sweet treats from Switzerland but to taste the fresh and delicious confection, better to head to a local sweet shop than the grocery stores.


The selection of Swiss chocolates will not disappoint you. If you go to local chocolatiers, you can even get a free taste of their products. While you’re in Zurich, don’t just focus on the wrapped chocolate treats. There are other selections of goodies such as Swiss hot chocolate which is far different from the ones sold in supermarkets.


Switzerland has astonished people who go in and out of the country. Travelers can see a combination of rolling mountains, crystal blue lakes, stunning architectures, as well as a busy yet astounding city streets. It may be small since travelers can cross the country by train in just 5 hours. However, it is worth the time to experience the Swiss sights and sounds. The public transit is reliable and a good way to go around the tourist spots.


The lack of travel reviews should not be a hesitation for would-be travelers planning to take a trip to the country since it is still extremely underrated.

Wellington and York Partners: Review These Tips Before Traveling to Switzerland

The trip to Switzerland can be expensive if you don’t know the tricks on how to budget your money. Did you know that you can visit the country even on a budget? We got some tips you can use when you travel to Zurich or other parts of Switzerland.

Switzerland may not be as popular as Spain when it comes to travelers. However, it is one of the countries that boasts picturesque sceneries and amazing tourist spots. Some travelers may have been intimidated by the high prices in the country that’s why they delete it to their travel bucket list. Many travelers think they will never be able to afford a Swiss trip without blowing a huge amount of their savings or accumulate a crazy amount of debts.

No need to squander your whole life savings just to have a trip to Switzerland. We are here to give you some tips on how to enjoy your trip to the country.


Ways to travel Switzerland on a budget

You wouldn’t believe it at first but there are quite a few ways to go to the country without robbing a bank. No need to crawl up in a cardboard box because you may think you can’t afford a good accommodation. Trust us, you can sleep comfortably even if you’re on a budget.

  • Using the free public transport

Riding a cab is convenient and a quicker way to get to the place you want to go to. However, this mode of transportation is one of the reasons that will deplete your travel funds. Take advantage of free public transport in particular cities. It will help in making your money last longer during your trip.

If you will be staying in Bern, Basel, Lucerne, Geneva, or Lausanne, a better way is to use the local public transport which you can avail for free. There are accommodations that provides travelers with a ticket that is valid for the time of the stay.

  • Use a (free) bike

If you’re going to Bern, Geneva, Neuchâtel, Zug, Zurich, or in the Canton of Valais, you can use an alternative transportation. Take advantage of the free bikes which you can use for a few hours or even longer. Other cities rent out bikes for a minimal fee. It is a cheaper transport and also a great exercise while exploring the streets. Don’t forget to bring 20 CHF for the deposit, as well as your ID.

  • Try out free activities

You might think there is nothing is free in Switzerland because of the high cost of living. If you know where to look, you can surely find some things to do for free such as joining a free walking tour; visiting a free wildlife park in Zurich and other places; taking a stroll through botanical gardens and parks, or you can go hiking.

You can check the web for travel products, services, promotions or review of some activities to see if it’s offered entirely free or you have to pay a fee.

Wellington and York Partners: Travel Facts for Zurich Travelers

There are plenty of reasons why travelers have to visit Switzerland. For adventure seekers, it should be one of the countries in your travel bucket list.


Get to experience astonishing and breathtaking views. Get to taste a great selection of cheese and indulge your sweet tooth with some Swiss chocolate products. Don’t forget to see the Alps up close. You don’t have to hesitate. You can start packing your bags and take that excitement to Zurich.


Take a trip to a happy land

Switzerland is one of the best places in the world to live and be happy. This is according to the consistently high rankings in global reports as the world’s happiest country in 2015. It went down to the second rank after Denmark in 2016. The Mercer’s Quality of Living Report ranked the capital Zurich as the second-best city to live in 2016.


Coffee in Zurich may be one of the most expensive in the world as it cost about 4 US dollars. However, even if the coffee is costly, it will surely be an experience for your taste buds. The instant coffee of the famous Nestlé Company began in the country. The Swiss businessman Henri Nestlé created Nescafe in 1938.


Travelers who also love to go on hiking should be delighted include the mountains in the country. The highest mountain is the Monte Rosa (Dufoursptiz) at 4,634 meters which is located at the Swiss/Italian border. There are 208 mountains that can be climbed by hikers. Some are over 3,000 meters high but 24 of them are over 4,000 meters. The country is an ideal country for those who like to do high-intensity training.


Good weather, good people

The climate in Switzerland is usually cold and snowy, especially during the winter time. Most high-altitude places generally have freezing temperatures with large snowfalls. The Alps acts as a climate barrier.


The northern part of the country tends to get colder due to the Atlantic winds, while the southern part has a milder climate from the Mediterranean winds. Tourists can enjoy the cold weather and select from many Swiss ski resorts. Summer is also another season that is being enjoyed in the country. During the hot summer, the temperature can reach high from 30 to 35 degrees Celsius in some areas.


Switzerland is one of the nations with the lowest crime rates even if they have liberal Swiss gun laws. In 2015, around 40 per year murders per 100,000 people in the country have been recorded. It is generally lower compared to the gun murders recorded in the United States. There are many positive reviews in the country which makes it an ideal place to visit.

Wellington and York Partners: Travel Services for your Trip to Switzerland

Travelling to Switzerland may not be as easy as it seems, especially for first-timers. It is not as popular as other countries such as Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The city of Zurich is a nice place to visit for lovers of luxury Swiss items.


For tourists, it is recommended to search for trusted travel services that could help in trip planning. Travel agencies offer their services to provide a hassle-free planning and completion of the itinerary, may it be for a trip to Switzerland or any other countries.


For a worry-free travel, some travel agencies offer a tour package for tourists so it would be easier to take a trip to various places in Switzerland. The tourists who are planning to travel on between cities, there is an impeccable transit system in Zurich which include boats, trains, and cable cars. These transportation systems allow the locals and tourists to go around different areas they want to go to.


For tourists who just want to explore the Zurich on their own, getting a Swiss Travel Pass can be used in intra-city transportation such as city buses. The pass covers unlimited travel throughout the bus, rail, as well as the boat Swiss Travel System network. It also gives a 50 percent discount on most cable cars and mountain railways. It is a good way to save money on your travel because it also provides free entrance to 500 museums and exhibitions.


Travelling to Switzerland

Before the trip, it is better to check out the travel review on the beautiful tourist spots in Switzerland. The Lausanne and Zurich are the famous spots in the country for tourists. These areas get crowded with tourists in the peak season. For adventure-seekers, it is better to get off the beaten path and try to visit other lesser-known towns of Solothurn, Biel, and Thun in the summer.


Switzerland has its own currency called the Swiss Franc (CHF). The country is not part of the European Union even though it is surrounded by European countries. Before reaching Zurich, it is better to take out a small amount of cash. The money can be used for emergencies, as well as a way to pay for local shops and street vendors. Not all establishments in the country have a credit card payment system. Only major companies and luxury Swiss brands have this type of payment method. Buying an ice-cream in small local shops and other products from street vendors are usually cash basis only. Also, take note that some places in Switzerland will accept Euros if there is no Swiss Franc available. However, they will likely give the change in Swiss currency if you pay in Euros.

Wellington and York Partners: Food Products You Shouldn’t Miss in Switzerland

When people hear about Switzerland, they will immediately think of chocolates and cheese. Switzerland is one of the best places for people who love sweets. Chocolate treats are the most recognized Swiss products. It is also not surprising to see a lot of shops that sell cheese products. Both these goods are great to use for fondue which is a nice snack to share with friends.


While chocolates are definitely some top-notch products that can be bought, there are a lot of other selections that tourists may try and purchase during their visit to the beautiful country. Tourists should not buy chocolate from souvenir shops because it tends to be expensive and not as good as the products sold in chocolatiers and cheesemakers.


To tell the legitimacy of Swiss products, there are specific standards that should be followed by chocolate and cheesemakers in the country. The fundamental process of the food must take place in Switzerland and should have 80 percent of the weight of the raw materials in it. For the industrial products, 60 percent of the manufacturing costs, as well as the training and other manufacturing steps should occur in the country.


Swiss cheese and chocolates

Travelers tend to do their last-minute shopping in souvenir shops and airport kiosks display assortments and merchandises of Swiss-branded chocolates. Supermarkets all over the world are invaded by different Swiss chocolate products. However, the quality and taste may not be the same as the ones sold in chocolatiers that can be found in Zurich or other places in Switzerland. Freshly made chocolate have better taste compared to mass-produced chocolates that are found in grocery and convenience stores.


Swiss chocolates are famous for its rich taste. According to some food review, people love it for the supreme quality and distinct flavors. Even though some of its ingredients such as sugar and cacao beans come from other countries, a legitimate Swiss chocolate should be produced in Switzerland.


The food culture of Switzerland includes amazing cheeses that are mostly made from cow’s milk. Swiss-made cheese is not like American cheese. The Swiss cheese is produced mostly in the Alpine regions. There are different kinds of Swiss cheese. Some are made as soft and buttery, while others are hard melting which is perfect for fondue. The Swiss cuisine includes cheese products in their ingredients such as Appenzeller, Gruyere, and Emmental. Others love putting Raclette cheese on top of their dish.


Switzerland produces about over 450 selections of cheese. Only 1% percent of Swiss cheese is made up of sheep and goat milk, while the majority is made of cow’s milk. Some tourists who visit Zurich or other parts of Switzerland may find cheaper cheese prices compared to other countries.