Wellington and York Partners: Chocolate Products from Switzerland: A Haven for Choco Lovers

Chocolate is a popular dessert that many people love. Some of the world’s popular companies that offer sweet snacks originated in Switzerland.


For chocolate lovers, Switzerland should be included in their bucket list. There are different countries in the world that offers their very own chocolate products. However, chocolatiers in Switzerland offers their version of the remarkable and delightful treat.


Tourists who would like to go on a trip to Zurich can enjoy the chocolate products being offered by a lot of chocolatiers. On the average, a Swiss person consumes 10.6 kilograms of chocolate per year. The country is also known to export a huge amount of chocolate. They export 130,000 tons of their sweet treasure.

Beginning of Swiss Chocolates

When the Swiss entered the chocolate scene, the options for chocolate grew bigger and did not only end in just a hot beverage.


Francois-Louis Cailler created the first ever chocolate bar in 1819. In 1836, Rudolf Sprüngli bought a confectioner’s shop in Zurich and started producing chocolates as David Sprüngli & Fils. In 1879, Rudolf Lindt opened his chocolate factory and the person who created a mixer called conche. The conche is used as one of the key tools in chocolate making even up to this day. Lindt & Sprüngli merged their companies and became the largest chocolate producer in the city.


However, before Lindt & Sprüngli became the major chocolate producer in the city, there was someone who found a way to make the confection more delectable. Daniel Peter, the son-in-law of Francois-Louis Cailler, came up with the idea of adding milk to chocolate. He was the first to add powdered milk to solid chocolate. It was his way to reduce the cost of creating the confection, as well as to make it more palatable. Peter’s neighbor, Henri Nestlé, specialized in condensed milk. With Peter’s idea and Nestlé’s specialty, they developed the milk chocolate.


Sweet Swiss

Chocolate has been a national treasure not only to all sweet-toothed people in Switzerland, and all over the world. Popular brands such as Nestlé, Suchard, Cailler, Frey, and Lindt & Sprüngli. These Swiss chocolate brands were able to invade the department of confectionaries in supermarkets, including other candy shops. These brands have also fulfilled the dream of every chocoholic.


The Swiss are recognized as one of the excellent confectioners in the world. Foreigners who are planning to go to Zurich must not be surprised to find chocolate-flavored desserts in every stop and corners. Delicious cakes and chocolate products are not too far from each other.


Swiss chocolate is famous across the world. Their history of chocolate is as rich as the chocolate products they have created. Switzerland is one of the best places to eat chocolate. Real chocolate lovers dream of going to this chocolate haven.

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