Wellington and York Partners: Promotion Ideas For Your YouTube Channel

Nowadays, YouTube is not just used for entertainment purposes. This popular site is a free video platform. A lot of companies and businesses use it for their marketing strategies and promotions. This most viewed video service can greatly help in marketing anything with the help of videos.

Vloggers use their channel as an opportunity to get deals from different companies and businesses. Many options are available when it comes to marketing via vlogging. There are also few methods that can be used to promote a Vlog Channel even without using the internet. Due to its popularity, YouTube can easily rank for high competitive keywords.

Many content creators and vloggers use events for promotions and networking events to meet other people. It is a good way to promote the channel and connect with other vloggers as well. Making vlogs and doing some social media strategy can be used as a branding tool.

Vloggers try to ways to monetize their videos. Those who were able to get a huge following have a bigger chance to get noticed by brands. However, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has warned the vloggers when it comes to featuring advertisements and promotions for their channel.

According to ASA, they need to make it clear when they are getting paid to promote products. Vloggers who have huge followings must be clear and upfront with their audience when they start endorsing stuff on behalf of a brand.

Endorsing your channel

In 2013, YouTube has created a self-funded program called YouTube Fan Finder. This program helps the vloggers to promote their channel for free. Events can also be used for marketing and promotions. Some people tend to hand out their business cards when going to certain events. It is a good way to broaden the connection. It is also an opportunity to get acquainted with people that can help in promoting a brand, company, or even the channel.

Meeting new people and exchanging business cards are great ways to potentially build relationships. Currently, content creators and vloggers do high-budget production and video logging (where vlogging got its name) to do a promotion and present it to their followers.

Dropping a comment on other videos similar to your channel is also a great way to let other people know you are out there. For example, if you have a travel blog about a trip to Taiwan or any country, you can leave feedback or a simple message to encourage viewers to check out your content. Once this strategy works, the viewers can check out the profile and watch the video featured on the channel.

There are a lot of methods that can be used, alongside other social media platform to promote YouTube videos. Creativity can surely help but video bloggers must take note that there are some strategies don’t work for everyone. It is good to try out and test various methods to help in deciding what brings the best marketing results for promoting the channel.

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