Wellington and York Partners: Vlogging Services for Travel Vloggers

Vlogs can be used as an effective way to build a following, sell products or services, promote your WordPress website, and generate leads. A lot of popular vloggers have made their fame and fortune using this medium.

A lot of people nowadays may have been considering to try vlogging. It may just start as a hobby at first. However, a lot of people currently build their personal brands with the help of the vlogs they watch.

Through vlogging, many people try to showcase their European tour or travel to Asian countries like Taiwan or Japan. Although this medium has become more a great option for all ages, it was initially seen as a pastime for the younger generation.

The age brackets, particularly millennials, choose to watch vlogs or listen to podcasts over blogging. This is because millennials are often on the move compared to the generations before them. They have lesser time for reading and their mobile devices have become their lifelines.

What is vlogging?

The term Vlogging came from the combination of words ‘video’ and ‘logging’. It is different from blogging since vlogging requires the content creator to shoot and record a video. This can be used as a personal video journal, as well as a great marketing strategy.

Vlogging became a trend versus written blog posts. When it comes to blogging, a personal web log is used to post a journal-like entry about the day. The term ‘blog’ came from “web log.” Like the innovations brought by blogs on the Internet that started a few years ago, many entrepreneurs have seen the marketing potential in having a vlog.

Any vlog can be based on a certain topic. The content creator or vlogger can make their vlog an ideal medium for businesses, as well as individuals. Vloggers must pick a niche to start with and shoot a video they will feature in their channel.

Getting started on a vlog

Vlogging requires producing and publishing frequent video content and a majority of it happens on YouTube. This video-sharing platform has over 1 billion active users each month. It is also considered as the second largest search engine after Google.

YouTube enables individuals to create their own channels and make some playlists of their uploaded videos. The platform also lets them stream live videos, as well as host a live chat with their audience. Other vlogging services can be posted on Vimeo, Facebook Live, and Instagram.

People who are new to vlogging may experience difficulty in gaining a following. Even the old-timers may have a hard time producing interesting videos that can attract their audience. It may seem easy but dedication, passion, and creativity are needed to create a nice vlog.

Vlogging can be used for both personal and business goals. This medium has shown great marketing potential, especially for brands and businesses. Vlogging has also become increasingly popular due to its cost-effectiveness which drives visibility and gives an improved online engagement with customers.

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